je suis charlie

To whom it may concern

You stole the beauty of breath

You kill to teach, we live and learn

the pen is mightier than the sword

break us at will, we shall not bend


To whom it may concern

veiled in iniquity and covered in blood

you Shame the very beliefs you should stand for

Allahu akbar” God is Great

you created Martyrs when you should defend your faith


Where is Holiness without humanity?

Are you too blind to see

the loveliness in our Differences

Be you and let us be!


all around the world we raised our pens

to defend our freedom and fight for peace

You have your bullets, We have more ink

Our words would outlive your terror tricks



To whom it may concern

don’t be ignorantly misled

to think that all is right

If nothing is done when all’s been  said


(R.I.P   Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous ,Wolinski, Bernard Maris and all those who lost their lives to the terror on january 7th,2015 just for their beliefs)



Give me a moment to love

this angel that fell to me

That loved me so then let me go

But kept my heart Forever in love

Give me a moment of peace
As stray bullets leaves the wrong ones dead
As killers kill d innocent at will
& those who guard are those who steal

Give me a moment to laugh
at the sorrows and pains of yesterday
The challenges life throws our way
Lost in the joys that’s lost in the world

Give me a moment to dance
With my Mother as her hair turns grey
Let my father and his grand kids play
Before death knocks or stakes a claim

Give me a moment to Live
To laugh, to learn to love and give
To shed tears of happiness at the least
To meet beauty, and be her beast

Give me a fairytale every moment of it
Let me live happily ever after and not have enough of it
While sorrows huffs and puffs and bluffs
And pain to memory submit


Today 6th january being my birthday, I”m thankful to God and every single one who’s been there when i needed it, special shout outs to my parents, my family, friends, chaucerxoxo, rumpelstillskin, bango, helios, jtcombs, jozi, stunner a.k.a level 3, akwuji, vinci, my classmates from way back and course mates, diamond, fellow bloggers who”ve helped me grow. anyone and everyone whose ever read a post here. i am grateful and i cant stress how much i love you. say a prayer for a brother and have a splendid day. peaace!!!!!!!!!!  

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