What is it about sugar daddy’s our girls like?

I’m not trying to criticise anybody in this article in fact i am open to calls, emails, pings and any method of reaching out just so that I can fully understand this phenomenon. It’s the scourge of the sugar daddies. Why is it that some girls prefer married older men who could well be their fathers or very much have sons who you should be chasing. I don’t see the sense in a 20-25yr old chick dating or having an affair with a guy who is 50yrs and above, has kids and a wife. Exceptions exist but only just for men whose wives are dead or divorced.  still I feel like those kind of men should be looking at women much older, much more stable than youths who they probably won’t satisfy in bed or in any aspect of life except financially. I mean as a chick at the afore mentioned age level, shouldn’t you be looking at graduating school?  Getting YOUR OWN HUSBAND? And  not trying to steal somebody’s husband but settling down with your own kids? Get this straight he is not going to leave his wife and children for you to start a new life only in rare cases and if he does what are the chances you won’t be treated like the first wife(karma has nothing to do with this; pure logic), you’re probably just the new fancy toy given to a 2yr old and when he is 4, he no longer wants to play with that same toy. I get the attraction I think; older, rich, less troublesome, and less attention seeking and all the other things a guy your age would do, but it still feels boring me to me. This guy isn’t going to give you the sexual pleasure(most cases), or the companionship, he probably has a big tummy, he won’t come home to you every day etc. I guess the money is enough then but what happens when he is no longer interested, no longer wants a girl toy, your finances dry up you’re on your own no boyfriend, no money, just that chick who had an affair, what’s  the next step. Boys have sugar mummies too, the difference is when it ends he can still chase a sweet 16 you on the other hand you are old and technically rejected goods. If you’re lucky you meet a guy, if you don’t let me advice you;  get a lesbian partner (laughs hard) that feels like the best solution to me. But I am probably wrong and there is still hope. I definitely don’t understand why girls like sugar daddies. Boys are asses, cheats, you probably have been heartbroken more than once by one or more of us, we care then we don’t, we are this and that and the rest, the thing i am sure about is that eventually you meet someone who goes down on that knee not necessarily with a Range (P-square style) and propose to you. Money is an issue and I definitely agree, so if you don’t wanna be poor either you read extremely hard, pray to God, have some luck on the way or I guess get you some sugar daddy. In the end any means of hustling is hustling. I don’t  think girls do sugar daddies for the attention or care or special treatment they get from these niggas so help me out please what’s the draw towards sugar daddies I certainly need some education on the topic.

A guy called JOZI

PS: leave your thoughts in the comment.

Jozi can be reached on ( fakebi@icloud.com , 7E24C427, 08036986030)


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