This thing called sex (18+)

so i told Jozi to write a piece and dude came through…..Enjoy and endeavor to leave a comment on your thoughts….


This thing called sex



Ok let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy sex. Well unless you’re a virgin reading this in which case good luck and the gods be with you but am sure 100% of those who have had sex find it rather pleasing. I mean whether you’re straight, gay, freaky, kinky, lesbians, do the whole toe licking thing (disgusting) we all seem to enjoy sex. Am speaking from a male perspective so ladies forgive and indulge me. Making a girl cum is an art and it varies from girl to girl. For some it takes the right sex position, or playing with sensitive parts of her body, the right dick size, stimulating the clitoris, kissing the back of the ears etc etc. my question though is are guys really patient to find out all that or are we more interested in kiddy kiddy bang bang. It takes less than nothing for guys to cum, a girl in a short skirt does it for some (nerds) but we all get erections just thinking what if we had that girl in our beds. I mean we see positions doggy, missionary, cow-girl, reverse cow-girl, butterfly, stopperage, spoons positions etc all in our heads and what we would do, how she will moan and beg for more, tapping that ass till she wants no more and begs you to stop. Our imagination goes far and wild, in real life we barely do 3-5mins and we are done forget all the things we imagined. But how do you make a girl cum in 3-5mins that’s barely enough to get her in the mode sometimes, you have to squeeze and touch and kiss and redo everything all over again and honestly speaking its tiring. As a guy I like sex, but more than that if am having sex with someone I really like say a girlfriend for example, and she’s confident enough to say Hey this is what I like in bed rather than letting me feel like superman and she’s all like ye whatever man do this and be done am more than pleased to help out with whatever fantasy she has. I like freaky and kinky and experimenting and trying am just gonna go all out until she climaxes then I’d feel like a man. I mean no matter the size of your DICK 0.00001inches to infinity inches if your just gonna be banging her hard after a while to her it becomes mechanical sex; where’s the fun in that. Now this is strange to me but girls somehow have come up with the idea that you either have a sweet, normal or bitter dick, wish I could explain this but I can’t. Somehow it isn’t dependent on size, length or thickness but the general feeling when it goes in and comes out, this sweetness or bitterness has nothing to do with blow jobs in case you were wondering. I have to admit girls, well most of them don’t like rough sex I mean it’s not war your fucking a pussy and the owner off that pussy feels pain when u go too hard unless you meet a proper skank (no offense). Skanks don’t necessarily have to be prostitutes or runs girls but most of them will clear you doubt when you start pounding that pussy like it’s your inheritance. So I pose a question to them boys: do we really have time to make our ladies reach that heavenly place we get to in 60seconds, that feeling where you can’t control yourself and would write a million naira check without even thinking twice. Every man with his answer for me I would there’s joy in given than to be given. I’d take my time make her climax even if we are on some FWB tinz she’s gonna want that experience every once in a while and I will be more than happy to oblige what can I say, I LIKE SEX! It’s very rewarding and pleasing and the feeling you get their all just awesome. So ladies tell your man want you want men like freaky too, there’s no need to be shy ,it doesn’t have to be missionary all the time, that shii was used by our great great grandparents, this is the future try something different. All the men them oblige your women, give head, caress them do what she likes as far is she is cool with it, if you think the pussy is going to smell ask her to take a shower at least before going down there after all she gives you head without asking you to wash your dick abi. Sex is a two way affair enjoy it people.

PS: just because I said there is joy in given than to be given I meant sex wise, for every other thing there is something involved. I mean my name is not GIVEN.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A guy called JOZI


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