what have you achieved this week?

That picture quote says it all… Nowadays everyone looks forward to the weekend. Workers,students,family men and women and even those whose activities from mondays to thursdays are similar to the widely anticipated “fridays” that we all look forward to. Weekends are supposed to be for relaxation and family time(for those whose week days are so choked up with work) but if you’ve been relaxing all through the week why should you be “TGIF” . If you’re a student and you missed lectures all through the week,no notes, no assignments, friday should be a reminded that you just wasted a whole week and instead of hitting a bar or a club why not use that weekend to catch up with the very few who did all you missed during the week? If you are unemployed and stayed home all week, how many books did you read? How many job interviews did you prepare for, what did you achieve during the week? If you did not achieve anything at allyou shouldn’t be partying or TGIF cause God would sure frown at that, and if you have a 9 to 5 that kept you busy throughout the week *hats off to you* but before you hit the bar or relax for the weekend how satisfied are you with your week, is there a way to better maximise your output at work? Did you build yourself up? And for the very few who are where thay want to be in life kudos and celebrate responsibly. It’s friday today and I don’t know what it means to you but before you do anything that’s not a part of the big dreams you have for yourself let this be at the back of your mind “how did I work towards my long term goals this week?” And if you are not satisfied with your answer, today is your monday,tuesday,wednesday or thursday to make amends now that you still can. Better you miss a few friday celebrations working towards your goals and aspirations than party till you’re too old you’ll have to settle for the lesser things of life. Have a splendid weekend ahead. 2:37:01 AM.

PS; I’m new to this and I promise to improve my write ups and this blog to serve you better. Comments are welcome.

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