welcome welcome welcome!!!

I’ve just about had it. If I don’t make this first post, this blog will never see the light of day. Ist off, a confession (I don’t have a clue how to run a blog) but I’ll learn and for those of you who would keep faith with me, it would be a pleasure serving you. Chiadiku’s blog would be a weekly blog posted every friday the only exception being this ist blog. For those of you who see every friday as weekend to party, this blog would be a conscience to reflect on what you actually achieved all week before you start the partying,relaxation and what nots and for those of you who don’t give a fuck about a achieving anytin before partying this blog sincerely does give a fuck about you because ask yourself “whatever I’m wasting my time on now, would it worth it in 5 years time?”. This is not a humour blog but you would laugh and it would be more interacting and personal than most blogs out there. Guess I’ve spilled enough ink to interest me. Keep your eyes peeled for the ist official post. PS: blogger is too lazy to read his work before posting. =D. Av a nyc life!

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