Have you seen her

The one for whom I’ve been searching?

The one for whom I have trekked miles?

Have walked miles with my only source of light fireflies

That one for whom I have climbed countless mountains

And my only source of water, fountains

She for whom I have sojourned

But alas I find her not no matter how many times i turn

And how many kilometres I run

For whom I would gladly return dust to dust

Where ashes to ashes is not a curse

For in this life only two of her exists

My mother and her for whom I persist

For only both could I die for

And even in death I’d love her more

Her description goes thus:

Eyes as bright as the lens of the midday sun

And for them my vices and resistance burn

Her voice a choir of sirens and this cools down my soul

A touch softer than a million thread counts

With skin smoother than oil

Her legs as long and slender as that of the ostrich

Of a truth, she was the reason God rested on the 7th day

By Jove her beauty is “inwordibly” to say Continue reading



I recently discovered a part of me that i hardly get in touch with,heck i had very little idea it existed. I am talking about the  part of the human brain that makes us feel jealous. I am not the jealous envious type i despise it but i did feel jealous very recently . it is of course about a girl and that’s  where it becomes strange. the girl in question, let’s call her X, isn’t my gf i don’t have a crush on her. In many ways though we are connected. about 6 yrs back we reconnected and trust me i had no idea we wuld be this close i have feelings for her like no other not the bf i wanna “chike” u, sleep with you (dats up 4 debate tho) kind of feelings just an unnatural feeling towards this girl it supercedes most. trust me it’s scary. I’ve been there for her and she’s been  4 me through thick n thin, support, advice,.. she’s kinda my conscience in many ways. before i do something stupid, i ask her opinion which i mostly take. she tells me my right and wrong, she makes me understand and show emotions to things I am very bad with. I am like the most emotional sociopath you’ll ever know if  you find a way to connect emotionally to a sociopath that is.which brings me to the jealousy ish . i mostly know who she’s screwing, who she’s in love with, who she hates…. whom she lost her virginity to, most of her bfs need to have my blessing before she goes ahead with them. It’s like we are soul partners in a way. so quite surprisingly very recently she told me she was screwing sum1 and it hit a cord with me . i was shell shocked to say the least. Don’t get it twisted i didn’t suddenly develop feelings for her or want to date her etc etc but it did hit me. i don’t know why but  it felt different for me. here is sum1 i actually encourage to have sex which she does and i feel nothing but something felt different. i tried to process why i suddenly felt this way, exploring all possible options as to why, including if i wanted her to be my gf etc etc but it wasn’t any of that. i finally figured it out. this was the most vocal she had been about any of her exploits, she was not only enjoying this, she just wasn’t getting enough, it was like she had found some brand new way of mixing crack that made it different from everything out there she was into it and that’s why i was feeling the way i did. I was happy 4 her but i wished i was the 1 having this kind of happy sex, where i coudn’t get eonugh and just wanted to keep going. not  that i get bored having sex, especially if its on a constant basis, I’m a freak. I’ll do just about anything in bed. I am kinky(no judging) but yet sex gets boring after a while and I’d pretty much just want to be alone with no hassles from the opposite sex. i really like my quiet. there you have it. I don’t know if I am finding excuses or just jealous… you be the judge.


Give me a cup of kindness yet

In this scorching heat, give me a drink

When my chips are down, and luck’s away

Let not my frown, push thee away

Give me a cup of kindness yet

The world’s unfair, my bones are bare

Don’t show pity, show me some love

Your pretty smile, might be enough

Give me a cup of kindness yet

Drink to my health, drink from my wealth

I own nothing but me my dear

If I can hope, I shall not fear

Give me a cup of kindness yet

Give me a sip, give me a sniff

I’m lost in memories and bliss

I’m 5 loaves of bread and two fishes

Give me a cup of kindness yet

Don’t you cry, if today I died

For while on earth,you were so kind

From a penny, you gave a pound

Anywhere I am, I’ll never forget

Of how you have always been a friend

Give me a cup of kindness yet

Let me believe, there’s God on earth.



Give me a moment to love

this angel that fell to me

That loved me so then let me go

But kept my heart Forever in love

Give me a moment of peace
As stray bullets leaves the wrong ones dead
As killers kill d innocent at will
& those who guard are those who steal

Give me a moment to laugh
at the sorrows and pains of yesterday
The challenges life throws our way
Lost in the joys that’s lost in the world

Give me a moment to dance
With my Mother as her hair turns grey
Let my father and his grand kids play
Before death knocks or stakes a claim

Give me a moment to Live
To laugh, to learn to love and give
To shed tears of happiness at the least
To meet beauty, and be her beast

Give me a fairytale every moment of it
Let me live happily ever after and not have enough of it
While sorrows huffs and puffs and bluffs
And pain to memory submit


Today 6th january being my birthday, I”m thankful to God and every single one who’s been there when i needed it, special shout outs to my parents, my family, friends, chaucerxoxo, rumpelstillskin, bango, helios, jtcombs, jozi, stunner a.k.a level 3, akwuji, vinci, my classmates from way back and course mates, diamond, fellow bloggers who”ve helped me grow. anyone and everyone whose ever read a post here. i am grateful and i cant stress how much i love you. say a prayer for a brother and have a splendid day. peaace!!!!!!!!!!  

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Turning restlessly on his bed trying to get some sleep, Treyvon realised he can’t, he works a high stress job but it’s nothing compared to how he feels about her, she’s his world, he’s lost in everything she does. Lust, compassion, jealousy, hate, kindness, affection, he can’t control any of it, all he wants is  Esperanza,the sound of her name to his ears, how it rolled out her tongue the very first day they met, his life is incomplete without her. She’s his world, he’ll give anything to have her right now. Physically, emotionally, carnally, that’s when it hits him he’s a slave to love. He has been thinking “what can I do to make it better, how much more can I do to impress her, what do I have to give up, what if she leaves or feels I’m not good enough for her or maybe I’m too good for her… what if!”

He recalls nights they’ve shared, his body against hers, her head on his chest, no space in between just deep breaths and sweet long deep kisses. So deep, so satisfying, so fulfilling, it’s passion at its fullest, and her breasts nudged against his chest. He remembers how they feel, how soft and comfortable those D-cups are, he remembers having it in his mouth, slushing all over it, he recalls her moans and the immense pleasure racing through his veins. He tries to control himself from getting lost but he already is, he’s a slave to love. Wow! he thinks, I miss her, I need her right now, I’d give anything for her to be in my arms right now.

He recalls how she whispers in his ears, nibbling carefully and playfully on his ears, it was raw pleasure sending shivers down his spine. He recalls kissing her inner thighs, slumbering down those big inner thighs, there was no place he would rather be. He remembers how wet she gets and how her body shivers to his every touch, he remembers going down on her, how warm it feels, it’s like the best slimy “gellish” thing he had tasted, she tastes like a delicate mix of exquisite Spanish cream, vanilla ice cream, a dash of ginger, it was truly beautiful. Her moans made him want to work her, pleasing her was all that mattered, she was his life. how he had made her clit so hard and red, playing with it for much longer would probably lead her to the “mountain”,how he gets so hard from having the time of his life with the woman of his life, on that very first night, he thought to himself how hasn’t he already climaxed, no time for thinking though he needed to go to that special place and take her with him. Finally, he mustered the strength and slid it in, she gave a gasp as she felt the length of him in her, it was ecstatic. he filled every inch of her. Slowly and gently with rhythm he went back and forth it was like a gymnast doing his routine but he was no gymnast he was just inspired by a woman, this woman, his woman! He was a slave in love.

He recalls how it lasted only a short while but it was more about the journey and he was satisfied how the journey had gone and he felt she wasn’t dissatisfied either. It was for her like being to Paris, seeing that shoe you always dreamed about with the dress and hand bag to match all of this completely free and given to you by someone who cares about you it was the ultimate feeling of pleasure it was wonderful well at least, that’s what she told him or he thought he heard. He recalls them lying naked, talking about stuff and laughing for hours both too tired to get out of bed. it had been a great night and nothing seemed more important than being in each other’s arms or so he thought.

Now here he was without her, all by himself, it tortured him to think about it but he had no choice he was in love. Where could she have gone where could she be? why hasn’t she sought him out? he began to fear the worst, what had happened to his woman? he couldn’t fathom being without her. it was the worst thing ever. He was sure he couldn’t bear it but she was out there somewhere, he could feel it. Maybe she needs rescuing, Maybe she has someone else, Maybe her phone would ring, Maybe… just Maybe he’ll wake up and this would all be a nightmare and she’ll be lying right next to him, her mouth slightly ajar breathing softly into his chest,,,, his phone beeps to bring him back to the present. it’s not her but there’s news… it’s not bad news but it isn’t good either…

Tune in for part 2😁

A guy called Jozi

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Lifes’ uncertainty is crushing in
I’m loosing my path,
Motivated by want for plenty
But procrastination won’t help me start

The good things are beautiful to behold
In silence, fantasies and dreams are stirred
It’s no more enough being a source of comfort in the cold,
Responsibilities are starting to unfold

I’ve lost my way, blinded by lust
Jealousy has a bounty on my love
Ambition is all I desire, how badly I need that flame to burn
But it seems the world’s too cold where i belong

I pray it gets better, hope I get best
Pray It’ll pass and maybe i’ll stay blessed
I’m scared of tomorrow, I’m skipping today
I don’t know where it leads but I’m hoping ‘I stay’


I grew grey as a blossom of the Judas tree   at the sight before me

My blood ice cold, my thoughts no longer my own

Her hair was as a wet fleece of gold,

And each separate strand as a thread of fine gold in a cup of glass.

Her body was as white ivory, and her tail was of silver and pearl.

and the green weeds of the sea coiled round it;

and like sea-shells were her ears, and her lips were like sea-coral.

The cold waves dashed over her cold breasts, and the salt glistened upon her eyelid

Her lips, oh her lips.. redder than a thousand blooming rose

I swear her green eyes has lain my soul captive

Hapless to know of her terror, helpless at the beauty of perfection

Slowly her mouth opens, she speaks but I can’t hear a word

For I am lost in those eyes, those green emeralds staring into mine

I wade into the shallow ends, hoping the closer; I’ll get to hear what she has to say

She urges me on with her hands, her mouth moving soundless; I’m drawn to her transfixed

I can’t move a muscle but I can feel the water rising over my waist

The cold feeling quelling my erection, “I’m doomed” I think as I drift closer

But I can hear her voice now, a sonorous voice it is

Angelic and sounding like a whole choir of sirens, no words but I can hear her voice

She urges me on, the water rises to my shoulders just when I realize I can’t swim

Still… those green eyes, those red lips, her breasts

Everything now seen in all its definition in the clear waters

I feel an erection again, my thoughts the opposite of the waters I’m wading through

I can’t remember how I got here, why I got here, what I want here, WHY I’M I HERE?

She goes under, swimming gracefully towards me, circling me

I feel ashamed and hope she doesn’t look too closely and see the wood I’m carrying between my legs

She resurfaces behind me, I can feel her cold breath, i turn to her, she’s closer than I thought

I’m breathless but I can smell her now, she smells of winter, a scented strawberry winter

She pulls me closer to herself, pushing herself into me, I feel her breast,

Her waist and the slippery scales of her tail…her wet hands around my neck

“kiss me” she says, “kiss me and I’ll be yours forever”

“holy hell” I think to myself, I lean close, chest to chest, erection to scales, lips hesitating

Just when I am about to kiss her, to find a relieve from this tortured dream (what else can it be)

Eyes closed and all, hoping to every deity I don’t wake up

I feel it, it’s warm, it’s running down my neck, down my chest “IT’S BLOOD”

She’s biting my neck, bleeding me dry but yet I’m ecstatic, it’s blissful, it’s peaceful

She raises her blood stained lips to mine…what a deep kiss

The electricity of her lips sends shivers down my spine,  her lips ignites my heart

Finally I can feel it beat, I feel so alive even though my blood is draining out of me

The water slowly turning red with my blood, and for the first time I feel unafraid

I want more now, I want her more than ever, I want inside her, I would die for her

“be careful what you wish” she says to me, looking at me… those green eyes now sky blue

Reflecting the moon and the stars.. by Jupiter I swear I can see the celestial bodies clearly in those eyes

She drags me under, kissing me again more passionately, more fiercely, too fierce I think

I feel my blood, the salty taste on her lips

I’m only human and perfection has never been our strong suit but for her I would be perfect

Been searching all smy life for a feeling like this, to hold someone and feel like this

Then it hit me, I feel the air running out of my lungs

Water rushing into them, my lungs burning

I try to push her away, she pulls me deeper swimming for the depths

Lips glued to mine, I see death in her bloodshot eyes

It’s funny how in death, I’m not ready to die



Shall I put these feelings into words?

Shall I have a moment of grief,

Day after day I’m lost in thoughts

Of when I shall lay in peace

Shall I put these feelings into words?

Shall I refrain from bliss?

A germ of love shimmers in my heart

So pure it’ll blossom in paradise

Shall I put your feelings into words?

Shall thou acquiesce a kiss?

A bed of rose, a pillow of thorns

Still I’ll be your humble prince

Shall I put these feelings into words?

Shall I speak from my heart?

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”

Whence love has played her part

Shall I put my feelings into words?

Shall I let my epitaph speak?

A hymn, a verse something better than words

That’ll immortalize “rest in peace”

Shall I put these feelings into words?

Would I ever be heard?

Words are  immortal seeds

That’ll live on when i am dead




Life is not worth living
If there is nothing to live for
To carter, matter and care for
To keep, preserve and protect
As God remains a watch over her

A “her” who values, gets and retains value
Influences her generation with love and with kindness regards her lover
Who trusts without limitations
Loyalty and faithfulness her Armour
Opens her mouth with wisdom
Understands change, time and seasons
And wears strength and honour

She works willingly with her hands
Obedience is her neighbour
Masters and manages her emotions
Acknowledges her creator
And nags not

A virtuous woman she is
Someone to cherish and adore
To admire and love
To respect and live for

Woman, an honest and unique creature
Fashioned indirectly as head of the home
To take the blames of the family
To carry its sorrows and pains
But is still the source of happiness

Thanks be to God almighty
For making such a Woman
An immovable mountain
An unshakable pole
A virtuous woman indeed.

Well, some might argue that there are no more virtuous women in this generation, they have their views and are free to express it. But for the very few virtuous women out there, and those who wish to be. I duff my hat to you. For those lucky ones that have them as mothers, friends, girlfriends, aunts, sisters, Wives, daughters, etc appreciate them, they are a dying breed.  The rest of y’all that wanna stay bitches? Cheap, unfaithful, jumping form one dick to another every fortnight, we still love you nonetheless but remember Malachi 12:12 “this things ye do, E good? “  =D

PS : share to every virtuous girl/woman you know and the other 3/4 (not using d “B” word again) I’m not judging but we know them… And for those of you that went to your bible to look for Malachi 12:12 and didn’t see it, well, shame on you! Na 4 chapters dey there.  PSYCH!

A special “blog out” to my Mum, Gloria U, Mummy punkus, Mama Dacobango, Diamond, and every strong girl/woman whose virtue inspired this write up. No one’s perfect but y’all have been a great Muse.

A guy called ALPHA!!

what have you achieved this week?

That picture quote says it all… Nowadays everyone looks forward to the weekend. Workers,students,family men and women and even those whose activities from mondays to thursdays are similar to the widely anticipated “fridays” that we all look forward to. Weekends are supposed to be for relaxation and family time(for those whose week days are so choked up with work) but if you’ve been relaxing all through the week why should you be “TGIF” . If you’re a student and you missed lectures all through the week,no notes, no assignments, friday should be a reminded that you just wasted a whole week and instead of hitting a bar or a club why not use that weekend to catch up with the very few who did all you missed during the week? If you are unemployed and stayed home all week, how many books did you read? How many job interviews did you prepare for, what did you achieve during the week? If you did not achieve anything at allyou shouldn’t be partying or TGIF cause God would sure frown at that, and if you have a 9 to 5 that kept you busy throughout the week *hats off to you* but before you hit the bar or relax for the weekend how satisfied are you with your week, is there a way to better maximise your output at work? Did you build yourself up? And for the very few who are where thay want to be in life kudos and celebrate responsibly. It’s friday today and I don’t know what it means to you but before you do anything that’s not a part of the big dreams you have for yourself let this be at the back of your mind “how did I work towards my long term goals this week?” And if you are not satisfied with your answer, today is your monday,tuesday,wednesday or thursday to make amends now that you still can. Better you miss a few friday celebrations working towards your goals and aspirations than party till you’re too old you’ll have to settle for the lesser things of life. Have a splendid weekend ahead. 2:37:01 AM.

PS; I’m new to this and I promise to improve my write ups and this blog to serve you better. Comments are welcome.

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welcome welcome welcome!!!

I’ve just about had it. If I don’t make this first post, this blog will never see the light of day. Ist off, a confession (I don’t have a clue how to run a blog) but I’ll learn and for those of you who would keep faith with me, it would be a pleasure serving you. Chiadiku’s blog would be a weekly blog posted every friday the only exception being this ist blog. For those of you who see every friday as weekend to party, this blog would be a conscience to reflect on what you actually achieved all week before you start the partying,relaxation and what nots and for those of you who don’t give a fuck about a achieving anytin before partying this blog sincerely does give a fuck about you because ask yourself “whatever I’m wasting my time on now, would it worth it in 5 years time?”. This is not a humour blog but you would laugh and it would be more interacting and personal than most blogs out there. Guess I’ve spilled enough ink to interest me. Keep your eyes peeled for the ist official post. PS: blogger is too lazy to read his work before posting. =D. Av a nyc life!

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As quiet steals my midnight slumber

I lie awake eyes bright and ponder

What lies ahead in the future yonder

What doth faith hide behind her doors

Lonely has become my perfect winter

A different night, a different spinster

Sweet lies as we lay comforting  each other

As our bodies brew the perfect storm

She came, she saw, and lays here conquered

I’m wide awake, she snores, believing I love her

My heart is numb. My conscience bothered

“But beauty is you personified, Nude on all fours”

And come tomorrow, I’ll flirt with danger

My penny for her pound of flesh

For I have learned to love a willing stranger

And watch my heart, return to ash

                                                                                                                 POET X

West side Diaries…

So it happens at this junction

Where his Life must take a turn

Now his heart has seized to function

And he’ll watch the bridges burn

Asides malice, there’s no option

For while it lasted it was fun

from the chalice of destruction did he sate his thirsty loins

Two kisses later and at her instructions 

Did he feel her moistened groin

And to the wind he threw caution

As his genes and Hers did join

Sprawled beneath, her mission close to perfection

She watched, as his deed destroyed

Her make up smeared in the heat of passion 

And each thrust she did enjoy

His mind went to his wife and kids

Hers to his bulging purse

And as he came to in ecstasy

She knew that he was lost

Six years of a life long sentence

How cruel This life we Live

His 69-year-old heart did give up

And she’s a murderer of the first degree




ps: sorry for the long absence. life happened. hopefully i am more consistent this year. happy new year and have a beautiful weekend


A Tale Of Two…(ATOT)ep 6

“It’s easy not to hate. The less you see people, the less you hate – until you’re left all to yourself.” – T. Wignesan,

For Sochi

Bella quickly retracted within the walls of her apartment immediately Tim dropped her off.  Immediately after putting herself through the door to her apartment, she rested her back against the door and stood still for all the time it took Tim to restart the engine of the car and drive away from her door steps. Her thoughts settled on the last conversation they had in the car. The flash of emotion she had seen in his eyes had been too real and deep. For that moment he seemed a different person than who he had been the rest of the evening. Talking about his absentee dad had brought back all the deep feelings he had buried away and she wasn’t prepared for it, not on a second date. All that deep she saw in a flash scared her, that was why she fled his car into her apartment and even now as she stood a little away from his car, she couldn’t bring herself to check if he was finally gone. As if the universe wanted her to enjoy the rest of her night, she finally heard his engine roar back to life and seconds later, he zoomed off.  His departure symmetrically aligned with her composition as then, she heaved a deep sign – one of relief. She managed to check through the windows just to ascertain his departure. Satisfied, she walked straight to her room, peeled off her clothes, then laid it in a heap in a corner as she covered herself with a towel while grabbing a face wipe to unmask her true face. She was a real beauty even without layers of makeup mask. After unmasking her true face, she marched to the bathroom and as soon as the cool water from the shower hit her skin it brought back to her lost train of thoughts or rather she caught up with the ride. She could only imagine what life without a father would be like. With that thought, her heart went out to Tim. She wanted at that point, to hold him and somehow make all the empty memories and emotions attached disappear. She couldn’t imagine her life without her dad. He had always been her rock. Her heart wanted to go out to Tim again but it had already done that and it had decided to stay with him.


The sound of the door slamming shut jabbed Bella out of her ride down memory lane. With papers  scattered about her room, she didn’t have enough time to gather them and compose herself before Ngozi walked in. Like a cobwebbed room, Bella’s scattered thought got caught on her face as she walked in. The very excited expression on her face thinned out instantly. She had sniffed the atmosphere and she knew what Bella had been up to. She knew her so well, more than she knew her own self. Ngozi’s eye caught papers scattered on the bed. She picked them up and saw Tim’s name and signature. “NG don’t! They are office stuff”, Bella said, as she made to take them away from her. “I see you’ve been busy! Tormenting yourself with thoughts of that good for nothing. I could feel  it in the air when I walked in. Bella, I know you won’t listen to me but your supposed pay back is eating you in the ass more than you know. Just drop it and move on. Moving on is a sign of strength and you are full of that.” “So is pay back” replied Bella. A long silence overcame the room and the two stood there and spoke with their eyes. A language only both of them understood. Walking over to where Bella stood, NG pulled her into a warm hug and Bella started to sob. “He hurt me real bad and he will pay” she managed to say in between sobs. “I know B, I know. Just find a way for the hurt to not consume you. I love you and will always be there for you.”

The next morning, Bella marched into the office looking sharp, a total contrast of how she was the previous night. She was dressed in a three-quarter black and white stripped chinos trouser that hung on her figure and a black loose fit long-sleeved top that ended just above her bum, with a pair of black plumbs to go.  She swayed her hips along the aisle that led to her office and was stopped by Momoh who exchanged pleasantries and had that smitten look in his eyes that showed that he was completely taken by her. He was unlike the rest in the office, he didn’t press her. He just admired her from a distance and he was content with the usual pleasantries they exchanged. They stood there talking about a new deal Momoh was in charge of and he made a funny remark that got Bella so cracked up, and in that moment Tim decided to walk into the office. He witnessed her spirit soar in that moment. She seemed relaxed from her usual self around the office. He was glad she was that way but at the same time worried at the company that made her that way. As he made his way towards them, all let-down fences were quickly put back in place and Bella was back to being the Bella Tim now saw. She barely glanced to look at him just as he reached them as she turned to the direction of her office. She had quickly cut Momoh short and fled before he could come so close. She had felt his presence  soon enough not to let him get close to her. In the distant past, she would have smelt it way before he appeared to defend the scent, but these days, the scent had lost its strong presence and she wondered if it had anything to do with her. As she got into her office, she couldn’t help but replay in her mind’s eye the expression she had caught on Tim’s face with the side of her eye as he saw them together. She smiled, and then the imaginary light bulb that lights up when a bright idea comes to mind suddenly stood lit. She had found an angle! A slow mischievous smile crept up her lips and she knew just what to do. Momoh barely stood to exchange pleasantries with Tim as he came up to him. He was his ever jovial self but he just didn’t stay to chit-chat with Tim like he would normally do. If it this had happened on any other day, perhaps Tim might not notice or think big of it but on this day, he did. Momoh innocently left in haste as well because the conversation he had  with Bella had made him remember something he had to do on the new deal he was handling and he needed to get it done quickly. Tim stood for a moment and glanced at the direction Bella went first, then Momoh, before walking into his office. He knew he shouldn’t make anything of what he had seen but Bella was involved and since her return, he didn’t know her end-game which made him always nervous when he was around her. Thinking back to that moment when what happened had happened; he clearly saw her face and her expression. She had said nothing, she just quietly left that day and he never saw her again. And now she was back with more silence, he seriously feared at what lay underneath the silence and he would soon find out.
Tim settled down in the office but not failing to remember the happening of the morning for that day. He suddenly remembered  the document…


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A tale of Two … (ATOT) ep 5

if you missed the previous episodes you can cath up here
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Disclaimer: names used in this work are fictional, events also. just had to put this here as i await the backlash that would follow. hahahaha happy weekend

A tale of Two…(ATOT) … ep 4

” i pointed out to you the stars and all you saw was the tip of my fingers”

For Jenny…


It’s been nine months since Tim did what he did. Her time away aboard all nine months, did nothing to heal her Stead, she reels just as much today as on the day it happened. With a bowl of Fruits and fibre soaked in milk in hand as dinner, she caught a keke napep ride down memory’s bumpy lane, one that she seldom did.


Tim and Isabela shoulder bumped into a meet some 12months back. The action sent bela’s bag swiftly to the floor of the shopping mall while Tim’s tablet told cracking tales as it hit the group. She picked up her bag after her recovery and started out with an apology heavily laddened with embarrassment as Tim picked up what was his. It had been her fault. She wasn’t looking where she was headed as she was trying to locate the store she had left her friend, Ngozi in before heading for the lady’s. So her neck, head,eyes and hair were pretty much under some strain, turning here,there,here again and over there. Tim on the other hand, spotted the head twirls and whom it belonged to just seconds before and his attempt to avoid her led to the shoulder bump, else it would have been worse. Tim recognized her embarrassment and said don’t stress. It needed to switch up its look anyways’ referring to the cracked tablet. That got a timid toothless smile out of her. She offered to fix it but he refused. They haggled fixing the tablet for all of five minutes on that spot.‎It was only brought to a halt when bela got a call from Ngozi telling where exactly she was,for a meet up. She apologized again after the call had ended and took Tim’s number insisting she would pay for the tablet’s repair. With this,they both went in their separate directions. Getting to where Ngozi was, she narrated her ordeal, not the least bit feeling good about her clumsiness. A day later, bela called Tim for a meet. The plan was to get him down to the repair shop and somehow make good on her words. Tim showed up but with a good as new tablet. Double the embarrassment,bela felt totally awful. Sensing this, Tim offered to buy her a drink to make her feel better, and that was how it started.

He was as sweet and charming as she had imagined “the perfect guy”  should be, He wasn’t classically handsome but the little he lost in looks, he made up for in charisma, the way he walked, the way he carried himself, the drool in his voice and the calmness with which he made her feel so self cautious. She caught herself trying to avoid his looks as he held her eyes while the sat at the café. She never saw herself as someone who was shy, she was always the one making people squirm, not to be proud but she’s been told by guys and girls alike that she was drop-dead gorgeous and she had met very good looking guys and turned down better looking guys without a second thought but she could not feel the electrifying gaze she expected from everyone, he made her feel just like every normal girl, She could  not feel his eyes devouring her, and yet she felt captured by his presence. There is something to be said about being wanted by everyone, but here she was in all her finery and yet He just treated her like she was a 6 *eyes role* she considers herself a 9 at her worst, and now she was getting pissed off with all the thought running through her head over a total stranger… “ you’ve got very pretty eyes” tim said bringing her back to the present, “ yeah, thanks” bela replied too quickly and too harshly. This was the second date, forced on her after her ill fated attempt to pay the bill for the spoilt tablet, the first was akward and she only said yes to this because she felt she at least owed him that, guilty conscience and all. The disaster of the first meet was over and the second date was on; softened by how sweet and nice he was calling to make sure she got home early, not hitting on her at all and generally treating her like a human being and not a piece of “ass”, and here he was complimenting the only feature she wasn’t really proud of, Her eyes, quite big but she was always felt insecure about them. Maybe she was just being silly or he was just trying to mock her. Maybe he is gay she told herself and felt better after that. She decided there and then to be nice and get this over with. “so tell me about yourself” bela asked as she took a sip of her drink “ what about me exactly would you want to know?” he responded “anything you’re comfortable sharing would be nice” she replied. Tim looked at her for a moment as if to get his thoughts together, he was skeptical about how to play this, she looked like someone who wasn’t insecure, had boys at her beck and call and the only way to impress her was to be as different as he could. He had slept with some beauties but this right here was an eternal bragging right, he could already envision taking her to different places and being the cynosure of all eyes, the high fives from his boys as they sang his praises, how he’d bed her and brag about it, how much it would massage his ego, how soft her skin would feel to his touch, her lips, those pecky boobs that was still firm… to him this was not just another conquest, this was the conquest, who would have imagined that the shy insecure kid would grow up to be a “ the guy” other guys envied, and he had been thinking of her all week, from the first “accident”, the second date/awkwardness and now he had every plan to see this through. So game on, ”well I am an only child, single mum, dad had better things to do the minute he knew mum was pregnant, couldn’t even wait to see how I’d turn out to be, normal childhood, we weren’t rich but mum made sure I never lacked, my grandparents helped out a lot so mum could work as she never remarried, she had me quite late so I guess she wasn’t ready to put up with another “lying cheating bastard”, she was my world until I turned 22 and cancer took her away from me”  this completely caught bela off guard and she felt like a jerk all of a sudden “I am so sorry” she blurted out,  tim could see for an instance she wanted to empathize and though this was a part of him he rarely talked about, he knew something real was his only chance, she obviously had heard all the bullshit boys had to spew to get into her pants, silently he asked for his dead mums forgiveness. “thanks , but that was a while back. So how about you, tell me something nice about yourself” and so bela talked, about her childhood, her dreams, her education, everything she could think off, she laughed easily at his jokes, asked questions and he responded and told her more about himself. Bela saw no need for her to keep her guard up, how could she when he had been so open with her,  she found him very easy to talk to and for a moment Tim was himself, he felt something real and pure. They talked till they were the only ones left in the café and he offered to drive her home. When they got to the front of the apartment, bela said, “thanks for a wonderful evening, I really enjoyed myself” “ me too, I hope we can do this some other time, I really enjoyed your company” as she was about to get down from the car she hesitated and looked back at him, she didn’t know how to put this but she just couldn’t let it go “ ever tried looking for your dad?” “ always asked mum, but she thought it was best I didn’t know cause she knew I’d try to find him, I tried for a while and gave up and now, I honestly don t give a fuck about him anymore” for the first time that day, bela could see a flash of emotion in his eyes as it grew steely with hatred for a split second, and as quickly as it had come it disappeared again, he smiled at her and as they said there goodbyes. Bela walked into her apartment and was scared to look back as he drove into the night. She had a lot on her mind and she figured so did he.


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Come sit with me on the edge of Tomorrow,

poetry can wait a day,

For although homeless words,

avid and potent do beset the calmness of thine nimble mind,

let me be thy peace till dawn..

I’m lost in battle to my thoughts and dreams,

when words doth fail and emotions run extreme,

Will I remember now,will I remember this,

will today stand still for tomorrow’s bliss..

If indeed I sit with thee

Nay, Not for the bliss of tomorrow,

it standeth still for it’s own madness raw So,

seat let me provide passion pure,

poetry paper lacketh sure when thou is done sitting,

thine lyrically haunted mind shall want our art addictive,

again So sit and paint me with unspoken words,

let the beating of our hearts be an endless rhyme

I did find solace at the bottom of a bottle, a fleeting moment ago,

happiness was kind enough to deceive, sadly come dawn in my own bile I awoke,

passion was never a solution, this poet has a heart of stone

Love has robbed me blind, of a heart and the words I own,

i’ll sit a while if you’ll promise i’ll never be alone,

i’ll give you my voice and your heart and mine would beat as one

Thine heart of stone be mere wool to me..

l for my chest haboureth, but a beating diamond If thine stone would beat as one with mine,

we would clash in pure pleasing companionship, Spark a fire that would burn your loneliness,

heat your madness in calm sweetness I swear not, but let my pride be thine insurance..

for of thee I ask no premium So sit if thine would sit, tomorrow draws near…

 I tire of this impasse

O how sweetly you have woven a fairy tale of bliss

My naked Soul clothed with your finest jewelry

Even if this honeycomb of ours is a sting of bees

i would sit with thee forever as we turn from dust to lore...

written by : #KJD #POET_X

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‘One would think the P.A would be more available and accessible than oga chairman’, said momoh, to Tim. ‘Why would you say that Moh?’ ‘I have been trying to get oga’s signature on the document we’ll need to close B&B’s next month but to no avail. Between the P.A and oga chairman, I no know who come ghost pass.’ ‘Careful man, someone could hear you. But come to think of it, I really haven’t seen them both since chairman introduced her and that has been over a week now.’ ‘You see! Good thing is the B&B’s deal is due next month, which is two weeks away. I pray they put off their ghost mode long enough to get to them before then’ With that, they headed into a bank to carry out transactions for the office.An hour later, the duo rode back to the  office in the company’s car.

‎A week after seeing her face and the evaporating trick of his confidence, he was slowly getting back what he could. This did not go unnoticed by his admirers back at the office but they only thought faintly of it. Dinner for Tim that evening was cucumber and beer. He wasn’t in any mood for food,he just wanted to put the dancing ladies on his stomach at ease for a while.

As he sat watching a match on TV, his mind soon drifted to the lady in all black he met the week before. Why did she come back? Why here? What does she want? Is it just a mere coincidence? He highly doubted that, but his thoughts drifted towards that direction anyway. He remembered one of the conversations they had in the past. With that, he drew a conclusion: that he was doomed with her working so close to him. Much so with the strain of their relationship, if there ever was one to begin with.


His stilettos confidence was replaced by kitten heels with just as much noise on a marble floor,only with shorter heels. He strolled into the office the next day with it, only to be met by his friend Momoh and Isabella discussing just about where they had met the week before on the aisle. As he made towards them, he decided to strike a conversation with her, nothing to ruffle her defensive suit up. ‘We’ve been busy outside the office but all that won’t be for long. I’ll get this to him and get it back to you’, she said, collecting the document from momoh. That was just what Tim could grab from their discussion as he joined them. ‘Good morning moh, Ms Isabella.’ ‘morning Tim, restful night?,replied Momoh. ‘yeah!’ Isabella continued like the document was more important. As a matter of fact, it was work and work was far more important to her. ‘Ms Isabella?’called out Tim and she barely murmured a response to Tim as she turned and walked away from the boys in the direction of her office. ‘Shuo! Tim what was that all about?’ asked Momoh. ‘I don’t know’ Tim answered back. He wasn’t lying when he said that.


“Was that really necessary bela?’ Her conscience reprimanded her. Now shut from the rest of the office and him,she was thankful of the privacy that comes with having an office that leads right to the chairman’s. By now nosy beautiful colleagues would be sticking out hands of pretend friendship if her office were elsewhere or vulture looking thirsty males would be trying to get at her. She already spotted the looks in the eyes of a few male colleagues she had passed a few times around the office. She didn’t have time for them but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t dispose of them easily with her ready-to-go bag of curve balls always at her disposal. She had time for him though, she was armed ready to a strand for him. ‘Easy now dear conscience! Don’t go soft on me, at least not on this one’ bela said out loud to an empty office and her conscience.’He wasn’t soft then,I promise I won’t be now’. She further added and that hushed her conscience whom was fighting to perform its consciencely duties to her.


The office line ringing nearby at her desk further sealed that episode shut. Grabbing the phone,she immediately recognized the voice of the chairman. She took some notes,read out some and with a ‘yes sir!’, the call came to an end.She immediately got down to carrying out some of the orders that were given from over the phone.‎Busy minutes later and a gentle tap on the door did nothing to get her attention. Whoever was at the other end of the door repeated the process once or twice and with no answer, put himself right in the office anyway. Tim watched her slender,long fingers busy away on the PC just for a second before her nose sniffed his presence. Raising her eyes to him, the two were transfixed for half a minute. In that state, she lost her composure and gained it back even faster. As she did, her face gave nothing away, other than a scowl that ran swiftly and sat on her face. Seemingly to say to him ‘I don’t want you here’, while on the contrary she did. Even though it was just for his toture and her pleasure.


Standing there for as long as that little time took, he realized he had not gotten back his disappeared confidence that took flight at the first sight of her. The scowl made his stomach knot up and a hard swallow of spit seemed his only way to get it back in formation. Before he could speak, her voice had sternly said ‘Yes?’


Her eyes bore into his soul and hung him upside down. He managed to find his voice from the depth of his unknotting stomach. ‘The chairman called and asked to give you this document. He said something about you getting it signed and getting it back to me’. A sweat broke at his back. For once, he was grateful for the layers of clothing that he wore that hid this. Deep down, he wondered how she was able to do this to him with as much as do nothing. He cussed himself Silently for being this way around her. He handed the document over to her and she resumed what was interrupted, barely managing to say to him that she would notify him when it was ready.‎It was all a front, at least when she was around the office or him. Deep down, she cared way too much,why else would she go all this Length at a supposed get back?


As human as she was, she wouldn’t even secretly admit  it to her inner self not even with a whisper. Getting back to her apartment after work that day, one she shared with her long time friend, Ngozi, she was glad it was void of her presence. She needed the void to air out her thoughts. If only to leave them scattered around the corners of the apartment for awhile to better get them in superb line up shape, aimed at her goal.


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A tale of Two … episode 2

The pair appeared to be engaged in a discourse as they are towards Tim. ‘Ah! Tim! Just the person I was looking for’, said the chairman, as they covered the distance from Where Tim stood. That, thereby haulting the discourse between the chairman and the shadowry lady in all black. ‘Good morning sir’, answered Tim. With his talk like Tim had said nothing, the chairman went on saying,’I want you to meet Ms Isabella’. Just then, the lady in all black stepped out of the chairman’s shadow to unveil herself,-her face. Stunned was the first emotion of several that Tim could grab a hold of at that moment. ‘She’s my new P.A’ continued the chairman. ‘Henceforth, you all will have to go through her to get to me.’ With that said, the pair continued down the aisle, where Tim had come from, resuming also their haulted discourse.


His morning and the next phase of his life had just being ruined. He managed to wobble his way to his office. He slumped on his chair and replayed that moment she unveiled herself -her face. At the glimpse of her face, his confidence evaporated through all confidence of the office building. It was only one female asides his mother who could do that to him. Yet she walked past him as if she didn’t know him from before. ‘How Did this happen?’ He kept saying to himself. He needed an answer and she was the best person to tell of the answer.



‎Oh boy! Did you see that our chairman’s P.A? She set die!’ That jabbed him out of his soliloquizing and into the goofy face of his colleague and friend. ‘Ermm, yes I did, said Tim. ‘Did you  know anything about that before now?’ Tim further asked. ‘Ah Ah! Who supposedly know anything? No be our oga at the top like you?’ replied Momoh his friend. ‘True! But I obviously didn’t know.’ ‘I wonder why oga feel the need for a P.A,especially that kind P.A. I hope it only stays as P.A matter o! said momoh with humour chipped right in the middle. ‘Hmmmn!’ The only reply Tim could mutter. It in fact wasn’t a reply but a projection of the thoughts he had in mind and momoh wouldn’t and couldn’t know this. As if to regain composure but only for a few minutes, Tim asked Momoh for the file he had requested the day before, for reviews. When the two were done with their business, momoh left. Leaving Tim to billions of distracting thoughts, all towards the lady in black. The rest of his day went uneventful even though he was clouded by paperwork and meetings. At close of work that day, he left the office 5’9 and even shorter than that for his confidence had since evaporated at her sight.


to be continued….. if you mised ep 1. you can read it here


A Tale of Two (ATOT)….series

  Tim never took off his confidence. He was always well dressed in it. It was almost as if it were his second skin. He wore it like one would wear a very expensive accessory, only that he never took it off:at least the world thinks that and Tim almost believes  it’s indeed that way.
  Trendy was his middle name. He rocked every Trendy look like it was birthed from his person. At 5’9, he considered himself short,but for whatever inches in height he felt he was short of, his confidence was his stilettos.
  Head shaved bald,face decorated with well groomed adjoining moustache and beard streaming down from both cheeks. He was  a true version of the #beardgang model. With structurally fine chiseled triceps and biceps in place, a crooked but charming smile, he was what Is now said, “a baby boy”.
  As was custom, his confidence precedes and announces his presence like a stilettos would on a marble floor. Flushes, gushed and blushes prepared themselves to visit his female admirers as he stepped into the office building. He usually indulged them with his smile-that smile, and they all think, soon it will be my turn. To be picked, cooked and eaten, like beans but in his case, he eats them raw. He had a reputation and that was it.
 Tim was careful, enough to only indulge the ladies at work with his smile and that only. As a member of the management board, he ensured office scandal be far off him as much as the north pole.
  His confidence did  a pretty good job of announcing his entry into the office that morning, one that he would wish he had reserved. His routinely entreê act in play:where the ladies flirtatiously salute him and his returning response a smile -that smile, was cut short just at the middle of the aisle by a voice he would recognize even in death.
  The smile slowly thinned out, the first of many other things that would. Heading straight to him, north of the aisle, was the chairman of the company shadowed by a lady in black -all black.


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I feel the weight on my shoulders sometimes,I feel I may be consumed it bothers me day and night as I wake up in the morning, as I lay down  to sleep at night, sometimes I cry wondering if I’ve got what it takes, I ask God to give me the strength and guide my part. I soldier on with hope and aspirations, sometimes I fail sometimes I win, but I never give up, no, never, i’m determined to make it no matter what it takes. Sometimes my drive and zeal makes me push the limits. I’m almost desperate at times I go to extremes, do things I said I wouldn’t do, I said I wouldn’t do this things before reality hit and I realized it’s a Wild wild world and sometimes you bend the rules and hope for some luck. This expectations are weighing heavy on me, it’s a fine line I’m  treading, hoping not to lose site of what the real aim is. This isn’t a pursuit of happiness quite the opposite with similar parallels. It’s a pursuit to stay relevant and to exist so at each turn, expectations meet duty, drive and zeal provide the fuel needed to keep me going. Sometimes I just want to give up, like “God why me” how does it come easy to some, some who don’t even believe in you. But who am I to question the almighty? Is a quick dollar really worth it? I ask myself and most times I say yes.  Today’s society is different from what and how our parents grew up so while they have passed on all their knowledge, it’s our duty to not just accept it but bring it up to date with society. This ain’t the 60’s anymore.I’m not desperate, no I’m not but expectations are weighing heavy on my shoulders sometimes I shed a tear just considering the possibility of being consumed, of not being able to fulfill expectations but I’m a born fighter, I’ll fight until there’s literally no fight left in me and I only see that happening when I’m six feet under the ground. Until that happens, I’ll keep feeling the weight of expectations and I’ll keep fighting. I hate to lose and I’ll never admit to being second best. It’s my self believe that I can do it if I’m devoted and put my mind to it, the drive to win means I’ll keep going even if I have lost a thousand times before I’ll keep going until I finally win, I don’t quit I can’t quit this expectations won’t just let me!!!